How do you achieve good oral sex?

Sexual pleasure in men is not understood in the right way. Most women think that they just have to let the man penetrate them and ejaculate in order for him to be satisfied. In fact, foreplay is also part of male sexuality. Here are three tips for successful oral sex.

Hygiene in men

As a man, you need to take care of your body in order to make a woman desire it. You need to have good hygienic practice to avoid infections and other diseases. When you clean your private parts, it will be easier for you to ask a woman to perform oral sex.
For example, give yourself wax to make your private parts more attractive. The more hygienic you are, the more desire you will give your woman. And even if she doesn’t like oral sex, you’ll have less trouble getting her to do it.

Hygiene in women

In women, it is recommended to have good oral hygiene. As oral sex is an oral practice, you need to make sure that you do not have a disease that could act on the man. It is best to have a fixed partner with whom you give yourself every sexual opportunity.
This is because the penis is very sensitive and can also easily contract germs that could harm the man’s health. For this, make sure you keep your mouth really clean and avoid having sharp teeth. They could hurt the man.

The practice

Oral sex is the act of taking the man’s penis into your mouth and giving him sensations. However, it is not enough just to do this. You need to adopt more exciting techniques and well-defined manners. You have to be more careful with your clothing.
Indeed, it is better to hold the penis in a soft way and not like a rod. Avoid touching the glans with your teeth, as this can hurt it. With the tip of your lips, you should suck and suck the glans like a candy to give the man more pleasure. Meanwhile, use your hands to move back and forth steadily and variedly at times.