How do you give a woman an orgasm without penetrating her?

Sexual pleasure for most people is about penetration and ejaculation. However, women are often not satisfied with these practices. You can give them even more orgasms without even penetrating them. Here are some tips on how to do this.


Cunnilingus is the most desired sexual practice for women. It allows you to stimulate enough nerves at the same time. Indeed, the clitoris is an erogenous zone that gathers many nerves. Stimulating it gives a woman intense pleasure. She can ask you for more just by licking her. You have to know how to do this so that you do not displease the woman.
It is not enough to touch the clitoris as you wish, but to give it attention and sensuality. Kiss the vaginal lips, for example, and take the clitoris between your lips and suck it in passionately. Move your tongue back and forth in every possible direction. You should avoid using your tongue at the risk of hurting the woman.

Stimulating the G-spot

All women in general are both clitoral and vaginal. Sure, there are others who don’t like fingering too much, but when you know how to do it, you will drive them crazy in bed. So you need to be good at fingering them and touching especially the G-spot which is very exciting.
Indeed, the G-spot is a bit close to the vaginal entrance inside the vagina. You have to touch it with your finger in a soft and sensual gesture. To find it, simply send your finger inside the woman’s sex and point it slightly upwards. You will notice a slightly hard muscle that you will scrape with your fingertip and not with your fingernails.

Breast stimulation

The breasts are a very sensitive area for women to touch. Just like the clitoris, the nipples become hard when the woman is very excited. They also contain enough nerves that lead to a high level of arousal. Stimulating them is like giving the woman a strong desire to make love.
For this kind of touching, you have to be very careful not to abuse the woman’s breasts. You must touch them gently. Linger on the nipples for more tension. You can take them between your fingers and caress them gently or suck on them with your lips like a little lollipop that you are enjoying.