Three tips to avoid STIs

Sexually transmitted infections are very common among young people, but also among adults. They can be avoided by taking precautions and making provisions for your health. Here are three tips for avoiding sexually transmitted infections.

Have one sexual partner

It is important to choose a fixed partner in terms of a sexual relationship. You have the assurance of the health status of the latter. This way, you preserve your health and that of your partner. Having several sexual partners does not necessarily guarantee a fulfilling sexuality.
The more partners you have, the more you are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Changing sexual partners increases the risk of infection. It’s best to focus on one person to make sure you are somewhat safe from their diseases.

Protecting yourself during sex

The use of condoms is not only to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It is advisable to use them beforehand when you want to have sex. Especially when you do not have a fixed partner, you should think about protecting yourself.
Indeed, the spread of STIs is very common. Condoms are designed to prevent this as much as possible. On every occasion of sexual intercourse, you should always protect yourself, especially when you are not sure of the health of your partner of occasion.

Getting regular check-ups

It is ideal to have one sexual partner to avoid sexually transmitted infections. However, you should prevent them by going for regular check-ups at a health center. You can do this every three to six months to be sure of your own health.
Most of the time we think that only other people have STIs and that we don’t have them. However, it is quite likely that you have it yourself. In this case, to avoid these kinds of surprises, it is advisable to go to the hospital to be tested.